• The Sodian Group

    A world-wide company that is among the very few competent providers of high-pressure water jet technology that offer surface preparation, concrete repair, coating removal and industrial cleaning services.

  • Power plant renovation in Switzerland

    The Sodian Group has received the award of contract for the decoating of the Cassarate pressure line in Switzerland. 5,000m2 of pressure line are to be renovated from the end of April 2018.

  • Carpark Daimler Headquarter

    The parking lot for Daimler employees in Sindelfingen is currently renovated by the Sodian Group. On more than 25.000m2 we remove over 1.000m3 of concrete.

  • Opening of location in France

    To be able to provide even better support for our French customers, we recently opened a location in Bordeaux.We are looking forward to new partnerships and a close collaboration.