Abrasive Cutting


Abrasive Cutting

With the abrasive waterjet cutting procedure, cutting metal precisely is no problem even in hazardous areas.


The cutting jet (injector jet) consists of air, water, and an abrasive agent.This combination of high-pressure water (up to 2500bar) and the abrasive material can cut through an object several centimetres thick.


Also steel and ceramic which is back-filled with concrete can be efficiently cut with abrasive cutting technology.


The nozzles are securely guided along straight or circular rails by an air motor.





  • Almost any material can be cut (e.g., steel, glass, stone, wood)
  • High environmental compatibility, since no thermal reaction products are brought about
  • No thermal influence on the cutting edge
  • Narrow and clean kerf
  • Cutting of solid materials
  • Low cutting and reaction forces
  • No sparks

This process is applied in the following applications