Water Blasting


Water Blasting

Our special wide-area, high-pressure surface cleaners are perfect for roughing concrete surfaces, as well as removing rubber skid marks and all types of road markings. The concrete or tarmac surface is treated with an operating pressure of up to 3000bar and a variable nozzle combination.


Unlike shot blasting, this allows us to expose the coating‘s granular structure while removing any separating substances, so we also use it to prepare surfaces with optimal bonding properties before applying a new coating. Wet surfaces or working in the rain pose no problems for the high-pressure water blaster.


  • Separating substances (concrete slurry, impurities, etc.) are entirely removed without damaging the surface
  • Non-bearing old coatings are entirely or partially removed as required
  • Worn materials are immediately sucked up where necessary
  • Appropriately sized devices for small and large areas


 7 trucks

  • hydrostatic propulsion
  • 2 high-pressure pumps with up to 3000bar
  • Fresh water tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • Suction tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • can be hydraulically tilted

This process is applied in the following applications



Reference projects regarding the process Water Blasting: