Shot Blasting


Shot Blasting

Shot blasting (or reinforcement shot blasting) is a blasting application regulated under DIN 8200, and a tried and proven method of surface preparation. The technology involves propelling small steel balls onto a surface by a high-speed impeller wheel with electric drive (approximately 300 km/h). The impact energy of the abrasive medium causes a solidification and elastic-plastic deformation of the treated surface.


The abrasive is returned to the reservoir through a rebound channel, and the lighter, dissolved components are passed into a waste container by the attached vacuum device.


All dry, grease-free surfaces can be treated with this method, but processing is limited to horizontal areas. The advantage of shot blasting is the superficial opening of the grain structure, which brightens up the roadway. The procedure also significantly improves traction on all surfaces (optimising road grip at hazard sites is crucial to motorway operators). Other application areas include test and race tracks, where a homogeneous grip on the entire track is essential for comparison measurements.


  • Roadway remains dry
  • Brightens tarmac due to superficial opening of grain structure
  • The resulting waste water and removed markings are immediately sucked up
  • No dust
  • Sweeper not required


3 trucks

  • Working width up to 2,4m
  • All stripped material and waste is sucked up into Big Bags
  • No dust
  • Special truck for steel surfaces

This process is applied in the following applications