Power Plant

Complete renovation, concrete repair of damaged areas, cleaning of turbines or other critical parts as well as penstock stripping.


Power Plant

Refurbishing power plants and their parts is similar to tasks found in other civil engineering projects. However, this does entail special requirements, particularly due to the sometimes exposed situation of hydroelectric power plants or long supply channels, for example.


In the light of increased safety and reliability requirements for clients operating in power plant construction and refurbishment, we have built a reputation as a competent and reliable partner in this niche market.


Most renovations require several aspects of our range of services (e.g. removing concrete from damaged surfaces, cleaning turbines or other critical parts, and cleaning pressurised pipes, particularly in hydroelectric power plants).


Thanks to the large number of pumps and machine units at our disposal, we are a reliable partner who can support our customers‘ projects around the globe without relying on the availability of specific devices.



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