Water Recycling


Water Recycling

Finding an environmentally sustainable solution for treating contaminated water is central to our work. We have endeavoured to do so for quite some time, and are proud of the options we can offer our customers.


The procedures developed by Sodian Group use high-pressure water blasting technology, filter out all solids, and reprocess the jet water.


The recycled water and any solids (rust, primer and top coats) are delivered into a mobile water-treatment plant, where process water and solids are continually separated using a multi-chamber filter system and pelletisation device. The liquid content of the pellets amounts to a maximum of 10%. The recycled water is clean and free of suspended matter and may be resupplied to the high-pressure pump or fed to the drains.


Purifying the water to <1 micron allows our high- pressure pumps to reuse the treated water, which provides a water circuit to minimise the water we need to perform our work.


  • Environmental impact is significantly reduced
  • Safety measures and associated costs are reduced
  • Required water is minimised
  • Disposal costs are reduced by using compressed, highly concentrated pellets

This process is applied in the following applications


Reference projects regarding the process Water Recycling: