This is the Sodian group

The Sodian Group has become a leader in the field of high-pressure water technology across Europe. The company is among the very few competent providers of

  • high-pressure water jet technology
  • coating removal
  • surface preparation
  • concrete repair 

The Group aims to expand geographic coverage and stay a technological leader in the various segments.

Based in Upper Austria, we are Austria’s largest provider of ultra-high-pressure waterjet applications. Since 1983, SODIAN has been acting successfully as a contractor for the Construction Industry of Austria and neighbouring countries in the area of undersurface preparation and hydrodemolition of concrete. In this procedure, high-pressure and ultra high-pressure waterjetting up to 3,000 bar is used to cost-efficiently prepare surfaces for coating, to remove old paint or coatings of any kind completely and to remove deteriorated concrete without vibration and without damaging the steel reinforcement.


A further line of business consists of the removal of traffic markings on roads, highways and in airports by means of a high to ultra-high pressurised water stream up to a working pressure of as much as 2,500 bar, the used water being simultaneously pumped away complete with all material removed.


Furthermore, within the scope of UHP toll cleaning we offer our services to businesses – day and night, 365 days per year. Scheduled and unscheduled, shutdowns of production can be exploited exactly, or even reduced, using our professional know-how. Main applications include, among others, the cleaning of most different types of reservoirs, of heat exchangers, pipework, evaporators, air heaters, fans, cylinders and other machine and plant components.


With the range of services described above, SODIAN counts among the few high-capacity enterprises in Europe having under one roof and controlling from the bottom up, three classical lines of the high-pressure waterjetting business, namely concrete rehabilitation, industry cleaning and penstock stripping.