Concrete Removal


Concrete Removal

The advantage of removing concrete with high-pressure water jets is that surfaces are treated gently and without vibrations, which prevents stress cracks. At the same time, the reinforcement is cleaned directly by the water jet and prepared for further processing steps.


Damaged concrete is partially removed with a water jet at up to 3000bar and 400 litres per minute; this is done by special removal robots, or manually by way of hand lances.


We can provide the right equipment for every job: be it on bridge decks, pillars, the lower ceiling, tunnels or different types of parking lots.


  • No secondary damage, such as new microcracks
  • High-pressure water blasting is vibration-free, which prevents stress cracks and structure-borne noise
  • The remaining surface is rough, and ideal for good adhesion of new concrete
  • Worn concrete is particularly removed due to its diminished compressive strength. This permits selective removal
  • Full preservation of existing reinforcement
  • Effective cleaning of corroded reinforcing steel
  • High-pressure water blaster dissolves chloride
  • Improved adhesive properties


7 trucks

  • hydrostatic propulsion
  • 2 high-pressure pumps with up to 2400bar
  • Fresh water tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • Suction tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • can be hydraulically tilted


15 hydro demolition robots

  • working width up to 230cm
  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • over head
  • special robots for tunnel vaults up to 6m in height


30 aggregates up to 1600bar

20 aggregates up to 3000bar



This process is applied in the following applications



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