Race Track

We decide individually how to achieve the best performance in order to provide homogeneous grip and perfect surface conditions.


Race Track

Our special wide-area surface cleaners and shot blasting equipment are perfect for processing and preparing race track surfaces to customer specifications.


The Sodian Group is very experienced in the surface treatment of race tracks.

  • Surface preparation to provide perfect homogenous adhesion across the entire surface as a basis of a new riding surface.
  • Increasing roughness and removal of the superficial sealing of a new riding surface.
  • Establishing homogenous grip across the entire track 


We are proud that we not only decide individually if we use water- or shot blasting in order to establish perfect surface conditions, but also combine both methods and therefore provide the best solutions.


We are not only maintaining the test tracks of big automobile manufacturers but also prepare public race tracks for particular races.

This process is used