Industrial Services


Industrial Services

Without employing chemical methods, we offer clean and efficient cleaning solutions. Expertise and a close relationship with the customer have always been essential to us.


The removal of hard or chewy material in pipes, tanks, heat exchangers and reactors is our main field of expertise.


We offer around-the-clock standby availability and are a reliable partner that also provides shut-down management.


Industrial cleaning is safety-certified (SCC**) and has implemented quality management pursuant to ISO 9001:2008!


  • Non-destructive cleaning procedures
  • No chemical additives
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fleet of over 60 units for major shutdowns


  • various mobile washing heads in different sizes
  • lancing systems
  • automated solutions



30 aggregates up to 1600bar

20 aggregates up to 3000bar



This process is applied in the following applications