Removing Rubber Marks


Removing Rubber Marks

Rubber marks, especially generated during the landing procedure of planes, has to be removed periodically in order to ensure the safety requirements.


Landing strips and runways that are coverd by rubber skid marks delay the braking process severely, especially when the surface is wet. In addition, the drain of the water through the designated grooves is affected.


Our special wide-area surface cleaners remove the rubber marks with high-pressure water technology and up to 2500bar. 100% of the waste water and all removed materials are collected in a 10,000-litre recovery tank located on the vehicle and lawfully disposed of. The special jet nozzles and their arrangement can be optimally adapted to the ground to avoid damaging surfaces and joint fillings.


With our large fleet, we can ensure high reliableness and can process large areas of surface in a short timeframe. The security and operational capability of the airport is restored within the shortest time possible.




  • The road surface is not roughened, as is the case with milling procedures
  • The resulting waste water and removed markings are immediately absorbed
  • No dust
  • Sweeper not required


 7 trucks

  • hydrostatic propulsion
  • 2 high-pressure pumps with up to 2400bar
  • Fresh water tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • Suction tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • can be hydraulically tilted

This process is applied in the following applications



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