Coating Removal


Coating Removal

When refurbishing a tunnel, it is not typically necessary to renew the concrete base—removing and reapplying the tunnel wall coating is usually enough.


Before each new surface coating, the relevant area (concrete, steel, floor, etc.) must be prepared in accordance with the respectively required standards and renovation guidelines. Optimal adhesion properties of the surface and coating material are the most important prerequisite for a long-lasting, professional recoating in compliance with the warranty.


We will find an optimal solution for any project by using special robots and vehicles to ensure coating is removed gently and without vibration.


We have experience with road tunnels of all kinds, and have already completed several special construction projects for railway tunnels to permit stripping during ongoing rail traffic (by using one set of rails while the opposite direction is being processed).


  • Separating substances (concrete slurry, impurities, etc.) are gently and entirely removed
  • Non-bearing old coatings are completely or partially removed as required
  • The removed material is immediately sucked up as required
  • Suitable equipment for small and large areas


7 trucks

  • hydrostatic propulsion
  • 2 high-pressure pumps with up to 2400bar
  • Fresh water tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • Suction tank with 10.000 litres in capacity
  • can be hydraulically tilted


15 hydrodemolition robots

  • working width up to 230cm
  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • over head
  • special robots for tunnel vaults up to 6m in height


30 aggregates up to 1600bar

20 aggregates up to 3000bar

This process is applied in the following applications